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The Armitage Files: Part One

Early Spring, 1934

Felix Falwright and Sister Flora began investigating the mysterious documents that had appeared to Dr. Armitage.

The Circus

As mentioned in the second document, though more of a traveling carnival than a “circus,” per se. The investigators paid their dime and watched the ten-in-one show, which featured a fire-eater, a tattooed lady, a strongman act, and several other freaks and human oddities.

Asking around among the other patrons, Falwright learned that about a year ago, the strongman Krotka had been involved in a minor altercation: A drunken customer had been bothering Nadia, the Tattooed Lady, and Krotka intervened and sent him on his way. The man, however, went missing and has not been seen since.

Poking around a bit, they noticed what appeared to be claw marks around the door to the traveling home of Alfie, “The Half-Human Boy”, one of the freaks in the show. They were dissuaded from picking the lock to enter, though, when they noticed Alfie watching them from behind a tent flap. The nurse’s medical acumen revealed that his deformities went beyond surface appearances; his entire skeletal structure is not consistent with any disease or disability she is aware of.

Alfie’s Mother

Investigation of Alfie in police and newspaper records revealed that a Teresa Pivar, presumably Alfie’s mother, was found dead in the woods about 16 years ago, the victim of a “bear attack,” according to newspaper reports. However, a bit of Cop Talk got access to the original coroner’s report, which did not seem consistent with that conclusion. Miss Pivar (for she was unmarried) had injuries that were almost explosive, rather than the tearing and biting you would expect from a bear attack. She had ligature marks on her wrists and ankles, and further investigation revealed that her employer had reported her missing about a year before her body was found.

Visiting the area where the body had been found, Falwright observed that it was an excellent location for star-gazing. Examination of the area also discovered withering, barely-hanging-on plants, not native to this area. Or at least, not native to this eraDr William Moore confirmed that these specimens were of prehistoric ferns, and other plants more suited to the Cretaceous (or even earlier), extinct for tens of millions of years.

The New England League of Amateur Astronomers

Making use of the Armitage Inquiry’s budget, the investigators each paid the $2 to become full members of N.E.L.A.A. At a League meeting, they met the president, Thomas Ongine, and most of the other 20-25 members.

Ongine seemed reticent concerning the clearing where Miss Pivar had been found years ago. And one of the other members of the League, a farmer named Enoch Moorhouse seemed particularly nervous, perhaps even guilty about his association with N.E.L.A.A.


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