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The Armitage Files, Part Two

Attending an outing with the New England League of Amateur Astronomers, our heroes ingratiated themselves further with Enoch Moorhouse. Invited to Moorhouse’s home on a pretext of examining his son’s sprained ankle, they learned that Enoch was suspicious of the “inner circle” of the N.E.L.A.A. His father had been part of that inner circle, before he passed away about fifteen years ago, and his involvement with the group was mostly due to that connection, but Enoch himself didn’t much like any of the core members, and was not part of that inner circle himself.

Enoch loaned the investigators his father’s astronomical journals. A bit of examination by more highly-qualified members of Miskatonic faculty revealed that what purported to be tables of ascension and declination of observations were, in truth, encrypted records of the inner workings of the N.E.L.A.A., in reality a front for an offshoot of the Church of Starry Wisdom. They were involved in a plot to summon Nyarlathotep (in an unknown form), without the use of the Shining Trapezohedron, by means of a ritual in which first, a woman was impregnated by an unnamed entity; then, once the offspring of that union came of age, it would be sacrificed in the summoning ritual itself.

The cult secreted away the unholy child in a local carnival. Some Cop Talk and Accounting investigation revealed a financial connection between the carnival, and the N.E.L.A.A., by way of a Dr. George Belling.

And it was about this time that a third mysterious document appeared. Dr. Rice was watching over Dr. Armitage while he slept, pen and paper at hand to make observations. During the night, Rice was overcome by a sense of vertigo and lapsed into queasy unconsciousness. When he awoke about twenty minutes later, the new document lay at his feet. Unlike the previous ones, this document is undated, but contextual clues suggest a few months or so after the second document.


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