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The Armitage Files: Prologue

January, 8, 1934

Dr Henry Armitage has called together the entire Armitage Inquiry to present a mystery…
Several days ago, Dr Cyrus Llanfer discovered, among some papers he had brought home with him, a badly-scorched envelope addressed to Armitage. It contained a document, in a somewhat crazed variation of Armitage’s own handwriting, a document claiming to be dated from some three years in the future. Armitage himself has no memory of writing this document. Armitage asked Llanfer to keep it between them while he pondered its significance.

Then, after a couple of days, Armitage discovered a second document, tucked under the blotter on his own desk. This one was dated from only about a year in the future. Again, in (more recognizably) Armitage’s own handwriting, and again with no memory of creating it, and no recognition of anything referenced in it, though Armitage did confirm that it is, indeed, the format he uses for his own rough notes (which would normally then be typed up by Llanfer for the Inquiry’s archives).

Dr Warren Rice and Dr Albert Wilmarth both felt that the simplest explanation is that Armitage created the documents himself, in some altered state of consciousness, or even as a symptom of a mental breakdown.

Dr William Dyer speculated that Armitage may have produced the documents while possessed, or otherwise under external influence. He suggests Armitage should be monitored at all times, watching for evidence of some alien consciousness.

Dr William Moore reminded the group that they already knew of cases where apparently normal men have been overcome by atavistic impulses from some ancient and inhuman bloodline. Also, for certain prehistoric races such as the Elder Things (ruins of their civilization were found in recent Miskatonic expiditions to the Antarctic), time may have flowed in a nonlinear fashion. It is possible the files are authentic, and that the peculiar consciousness Armitage is in contact with may be his own future self.

Dr Wingate Peaslee opined that he has seen now sign of mental defect in Armitage’s demeanor. He suggests that, with all this group has experienced, they must allow for possibilities that defy rational thought. Whether produced by Armitage while insensible, or by another entity imitating his handwriting, what he feels the Inquiry should focus on is the contents of the document, not their means of production, and that they should attempt an independent verification of their contents.

Dr Tyler M. Freeborn suggested a human conspiracy: The Inquiry presumably has enemies, and even enemies motivated by supernatural agendas might attack by non-occult means, such as forging documents to sow confusion and dissent.

What happens next will be largely up to the investigators…


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