Trail of Cthulhu - SoFo

The Kidnapping

Part One

Sister Flora Godden was called to the home of Jacob and Harriet Cornelisz by a family friend, Colonel Ellis, when the Cornelisz’s infant son, Adam, was discovered missing. Det. Falwright was also called in to investigate the disappearance.

They found the Cornelisz’s maid, Olga, to be upset and nervous, and she eventually agreed to speak openly only outside the house. There, Olga revealed that she was involved in the kidnapping, due to her fears for the child brought on by her discovery of a diary written by Maria, the Cornelisz’s previous maid. Maria’s diary contained a bizarre account of her having been apparently used in an obscene ritual summoning of an unidentified entity, which impregnated her, the child, Adam, being then claimed by the Cornelisz family as their own.

The next day, a ransom note was delivered. The investigators observed the ransom handout, and followed the pick-up man back to a shack on the waterfront along the river. Shortly after, a different man emerged and went to a nearby telegraph office. The detective was able to obtain a copy of the telegram he sent, which indicated to someone named Ambrose Wisner in Shavertown that the money had been delivered, and that he could now come back.


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