Trail of Cthulhu - SoFo

The Kidnapping, Part Two

Shavertown, NY

After reporting the presence of the men in the shack to the detective’s superiors (who began planning an arrest raid for the following day), Falwright and Sister Godden followed the trail to Shavertown, where a local drunk named Mad Zeke told them that the Wisner family “have been servants of them below fer an age,” and pointed them toward Wisner’s shack on the outskirts of town.

They found the shack guarded by several large dogs, but could hear the cries of a baby from within. Sister Godden lured the dogs away into the woods, but the resulting noise drew Ambrose’s mother out, with her Tommy gun. She and Det. Falwright traded shots, but the detective’s police training won out, and Mrs. Wisner was taken down. Meanwhile, Ambrose had slipped out the back door with Adam and into the woods.

The investigators followed his tracks to stony steps leading down into an underground cavern, lit by an eerie phosphorescent moss. Ambrose was there, frantically pounding on the stone wall, and shouting, “Please! You must come now! I know it is not the appointed time, but you must come!” When approached, he handed Adam over, unresisting, and sank down in defeat, saying, “they ain’t coming. I didn’t reckon you’d find me so soon, thought I had ‘til they’d come with the moon. Take that wicked child and leave me be here.”

Suddenly, the wall of the cavern vanished, opening to an adjoining cavern lit by an electric blue light. Two human-shaped figures entered, long-skulled, copper-skinned, one with a silver staff tipped with a blade, the other holding some kind of gun. The investigators were then subjected to a telepathic link, with visions of Jacob Cornelisz, and the figure with the spear motioned for Sister Godden to give him the child.

When she refused, she was hit with another, more disturbing vision: A naked human woman, and a dark and loathsome shape descending on her from the sky. In her vision, Adam swelled obscenely, his human frame transforming and warping into some bizarre miscengenation of mortal and godling. Again, the figure motioned for the infant, and again, Sister Godden simply backed away.

Detective Falwright now opened fire on the mysterious figures, wounding one, but taking a nasty hit from the ray gun in return. Sister Godden fled up and into the open with Adam, and when they saw she had escaped to the surface, the figures retreated, dropping the spear behind them, and closing up the wall. Ambrose Wisner, unfortunately, was trapped in the stone when the wall returned, and was bisected.

While they were in Shavertown, the police raid on the waterfront shack did not go off entirely without a hitch. In the middle of the raid, the residents of the shack and the police alike were indiscriminately attacked by what one witness described as “an oil slick,” a viscous, black substance floating on the surface of the river that somehow rose up and attacked. All of the kidnappers, as well as two policemen, were killed.

Left now with the question of what to do with Adam, apparently the offspring of Maria and a demonic entity, but otherwise a seemingly normal, innocent child, the investigators made arrangements with Sister Godden’s chapter for Maria’s sister to adopt the child, with all necessary legal paperwork, leaving no ties to the Cornelisz’s. The authorities, and Mr. and Mrs. Cornelisz, were told that Godden and Falwright found nothing in Shavertown but Mrs. Wisner, who they were forced to kill in self-defense, and a dead body (well, half of one), with no sign of Adam.


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