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The King's Men

Intro adventure (from "Arkham Detective Tales")

Felix Falwright and Sister Flora Godden investigated the death of NYPD Detective Thomas Talby. At first, it was assumed to be a suicide, but further investigation revealed that Det. Talby had fired his gun at an unknown assailant.

Investigation led to Arkham, Mass., where Talby had been researching his own family history, and it gradually became clear he had been encouraged in this by one Miriam Rosewall. Talby (and Det. Falwright both descended from members of a company of British Colonial-era soldiers, who had broken up a witch-cult in 1699. The Rosewall family had descended from members of that witch-cult, though the PCs may or may not have ever understood this…

In the course of this investigation, our heroes also met Prof. Armitage at Miskatonic University, who was (in this initial meeting) rather reticent.

Our heroes discovered Miriam’s sister, Irene Rosewall, unconscious on an island in the Miskatonic River. Returning her to her home, her father had been possessed by an unearthly entity (and died immediately when said entity fled his body upon discovery).

Following the spiritual entity, Falwright and Sister Godden found Miriam Rosewall at the site where the entity was originally bound by the 1699 soldiers. She had obviously freed the creature, and sent it to attack. Falwright was briefly possessed by the entity, known as The Messenger, but he was eventually able to throw off its influence. Miriam then attempted to cast a spell allowing The Messenger to possess the Sister, but was rendered unconscious before it could take effect.

Miriam Rosewall was taken into custody, and The Messenger, whatever it was, flew off into the wilderness. You can’t help feeling it isn’t the last time it will be heard from…


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