Dr Henry Armitage

Head Librarian at Miskatonic University


Head librarian of the Orne Library at Miskatonic University in Arkham; specialist in medieval epigraphy, occultism, and linguistics. Took his D. Litt. at Cambridge. Nearing retirement age.


In the winter of 1927 Dr. Armitage was visited by Wilbur Whateley at the library. Wilbur wished to see the library’s Latin copy of the Necronomicon. He had with him his own copy of Dr. Dee’s English incomplete translation of the book. Dr. Armitage refused to let the boy copy the 751st page of the book and Wilbur left angry.

Dr. Armitage was concerned at Wilbur Whateley’s interest in the Necronomicon so wrote to other librarians warning them to prevent Wilbur’s entry. In August of 1928 Wilbur was killed by a guard dog while trying to break into the Orne Library. Dr. Armitage, Prof. Rice, and Dr. Morgan were present.

As the last surviving member of his branch of the Whateley family, Wilbur’s posessions were contested by distant relations. The police confiscated his journals which seemed to be in some foreign language. They defied translation and were intrusted to Dr. Armitage. Using several books on medieval cryptography he broke the code on the journals.

After intense study Armitage was taken ill. At home he was cared for by Dr. Hartwell. On the 7th of September he recovered and had a conference with Prof. Rice and Dr. Morgan.

During this time between September 9th and September 14th the “Dunwich Horror” took place. The Frye household, the Bishop household, and a party of state police were killed mysteriously. In all cases the buildings of the inhabitants were crushed, black slime covered the ruins, and large round foot prints approached and left the area. The party of police men climbed into a nearby glen and wete never seen again.

The 14th of September Dr. Armitage and his two collegues travelled to Dunwich. They were seen to climb a nearby hill use some magical chant. They returned later the next day. All three men were shaken and would give only the barest explanation for their actions.

Dr Henry Armitage

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