Sister Flora Godden

Nun / Nurse


Academic Abilities:

Accounting (1)
Anthropology (1)
Archaeology (1)
Architecture (1)
Art History (1)
*Biology (2)
Languages (1)
– Chinese
Library Use (1)
*Medicine (4)
Theology (2)

Interpersonal Abilities

*Assess Honesty (2)
Bargain (1)
*Bureaucracy (2)
Credit Rating (2)
Intimidation (1)

Technical abilities

Art (1)
Evidence Collection (2)
Outdoorsman (1)
Pharmacy (2)

General Abilities

Athletics (4)
First Aid (12)
Fleeing (8)
Health (7)
Hypnosis (1)
Preparedness (7)
Psychoanalysis (9)
Riding (1)
Sanity (10)
Stability (10)
Scuffling (3)
Sense Trouble (4)
Shadowing (1)

Pillars of Sanity

Religious Faith
Caring for Other People

Sources of Stability

Sister Edith – taught Medicine
James Godden – father
Fr. Patrick O’Reilly – confessor


Always a devout young woman, you trained as a nurse in your native Scotland before converting to Catholocism and becoming a nun. However, the doughty work ethic instilled in you by your no-nonsense parents would not tolerate the cloistered life, so you applied for a transfer to a part of the world which is both in need of your talents, and could badly use a cleaning up. As much as you’ve strived to achieve humility before God, your tongue sometimes betrays you with its sharpness. Likewise, your ability to suffer fools gladly could use further work. At least you’ve stifled the frivolous interest in the arts that plagued you in your youth, although all the useless information about artists, buildings, and history you accumulated still rattles about your brain. Still a handsome woman, you find yourself the occasional object of flirtation from love-smitten men, whose attentions you find annoying — yet secretly flattering.

In addition to ministering to the unfortunates in Chinatown, you occasionally offer your services to the NYPD, both as a nurse and, when duty demands it, a medical examiner.

Sister Flora Godden

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