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  • The Armitage Inquiry

    After their recent successes, [[:sister-flora-godden | Sister Godden]] and [[:felix-falwright | Detective Falwright]] were invited to visit [[:dr-henry-armitage | Dr Henry Armitage]] in Arkham, to discuss a proposition. Armitage said that, like our …

  • The Armitage Files, Part Three

    [[:sister-flora-godden | Sister Flora Godden]] and [[:felix-falwright | Felix Falwright]] planned to write a note of warning to slip under [[:alfie-the-half-human-boy-pivar | Alfie "The Half-Human Boy" Pivar's]] door. On the way to do so, however, they …

  • Main Page

    h2. The Armitage Files Important information relating to the investigation into the mysterious documents that have begun appearing to the members of the Armitage Inquiry. [[Locations]] [[Documents]] [[Organizations]]

  • American Preservation League

    This small political party boasts a local membership of about twenty. Hundreds of associate members scattered throughout the country subscribe to its bulletins. They finance its operations with small donations. The APL devotes itself to promoting its …

  • The Helping Hands

    An international organization of community service clubs, founded in Akron, Ohio in 1863. Clubs are located throughout the industrialized world. Local chapters accept the charter of the international umbrella organization but are largely autonomous. …

  • Dr Henry Armitage

    In the winter of 1927 Dr. Armitage was visited by Wilbur Whateley at the library. Wilbur wished to see the library's Latin copy of the Necronomicon. He had with him his own copy of Dr. Dee's English incomplete translation of the book. Dr. Armitage refused …

  • Dr William Dyer

    Professor of geology, survivor of the Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition (1930-31). Vocally opposed to the Starkweather-Moore Expedition, very recently returned from Antarctica.

  • Dr Tyler M. Freeborn

    Assistant professor of anthropology. A self-proclaimed Communist and radical. Devoted to field work, but his professional research sometimes takes precedence over Inquiry work.

  • Dr William Moore

    Professor of geology, specializing in paleontology. Co-head of the Starkweather-Moore Antarctic Expedition in 1932-1933. Its findings are officially minimized.

  • Mrs Agatha Warren Pickman

    The eccentric and domineering head of the Nathaniel Derby Pickman Foundation, which provides financial support for some Inquiry operations. She often calls [[:dr-henry-armitage | Dr. Armitage]] "young man."