Tag: Carnival


  • Brown and Sons Carnival

    Brown & Sons is a traveling carnival, owned & operated by [[:cornelius-corny-brown | "Corny" Brown]]. Suspicious, standoffish locals move hesitatingly between the stalls and rides of a flea-bitten carnival. [[File:509430 | class=media-item-align-right | …

  • Alfie "The Half-Human Boy" Pivar

    Age indeterminate, but mid-to-late teens; flippered hands, oversized eyes, fishy smell. Medicine skill revealed that his outwardly explicable deformities conceal a radically altered internal anatomy.

  • Cornelius "Corny" Brown

    Mid 30s, short hair, thick neck. Neck scarred by old knife wound. Corny says the traveling carnival has been in his family for a couple of generations.

  • Vladimir Krotka

    Late 50s, enormously muscled, bald, hirsute. Krotka is both boisterous and boastful. He and [[:sergei-garkalin | Sergei Garkalin]] take turns performing the strongman act in the Brown & Sons Carnival's ten-in-one show. About a year ago, Krotka …

  • Sergei Garkalin

    Mid 40s, enormously muscled, flat-top hair cut. Sergei and [[:vladimir-krotka | Vladimir]] trade off turns performing the strongman act in the Brown & Sons Carnival ten-in-one show.