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  • Kentucky, Part II

    The night passed uneventfully. The next day, [[:sister-flora-godden | Sister Godden]] and [[:felix-falwright | Det. Falwright]] got word from their contacts in New York: [[:josef-hofmann | Josef Hofmann]], and his ancestors, were indeed known in book …

  • Rev. Jim Pelfrey

    Rev. Pelfrey is the preacher at the local church in Daltonville, Kentucky. He is also an amateur spelunker. About a year ago, his sister [[:viola-pelfrey | Viola]] ran off with a jazz musician. Rev. Jim would much prefer not to discuss this matter.

  • Josef Hofmann

    A vaguely middle-aged man of indeterminate years, Hofmann is in many ways a stereotypical Southern Gentleman. He collects rare books, mostly occult-related.

  • Elmer Kemplin

    A hog farmer in Daltonville, Kentucky. Found one of his hogs drained of blood, but apparently otherwise unharmed, about 8 months ago.

  • Luke Tolliver

    One of the townsfolk in Daltonville. Found an exsanguinated (and torn apart, probably by scavengers) coyote while squirrel hunting in the woods, a couple of weeks after [[:elmer-kemplin | Elmer Kemplin]] found his dead hog.

  • Viola Pelfrey

    Younger sister of [[:rev-jim-pelfrey | Rev. Jim Pelfrey]]. Ran off with a traveling jazz musician about a year ago.

  • Boyd Dwayne Redfern

    Found crushed to death in the woods, the first night the investigators spent in Daltonville. Worked for [[:josef-hofmann | Josef Hofmann]] as a general handyman. Borrowed a book from Hofmann's collection. Suffered from an unrequited love for [[:viola- …

  • Clayton Stone

    Sax player in a jazz band that passed through Daltonville, on their way north from Nashville, about a year ago. [[:viola-pelfrey | Viola Pelfrey]] flirted with him shamelessly while they were in town, and when the band moved on, she went with them.