Brown and Sons Carnival

Brown & Sons is a traveling carnival, owned & operated by “Corny” Brown. Suspicious, standoffish locals move hesitatingly between the stalls and rides of a flea-bitten carnival. Carnival.jpg Anxious mothers pull their children tight. Fathers fish in their pockets for the keys to their automobiles. A faded, unblinking painted eye adorns the red tent of a fortune teller. The low weeping of a disappointed client can be heard from inside the closed but candlelit tent. Scantily-clad women parade about on the forestage of a hoochy-coochy show, their fleshy charms celebrated by a boater-wearing fast-talker. In the distant gloom, apart from the rest of the show, stands the ten-in-one show tent. A parade of painted deformities and cartoonish feats of strength frolic on its cloth banners, attracting onlookers afflicted with a taste for the grotesque.


Cornelius “Corny” Brown – Owner
Vladimir Krotka – Strongman
Sergei Garkalin – Strongman
Alfie “The Half-Human Boy” Pivar – Freak

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Brown and Sons Carnival

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