The Armitage Files

They arrive mysteriously, one by one. Each appears amid the effects of persons associated with Miskatonic University’s Orne Library. The first shows up inside the valise of assistant library director Cyrus Llanfer. The second is found by chief librarian Henry Armitage, tucked neatly under his desk blotter. They are handwritten notes, some in elegant, legible cursive, others in a wildly agitated version of the same hand. The pages are dirtied, bloodied, folded. Some have photographs or odd scraps of paper ephemera glued to them.

Of the members of the Armitage Inquiry, the intrepid team of scholar-explorers who face down the horrors of the Mythos, none is more surprised by the arrival of the letters than the group’s eponymous founder, Dr. Henry Armitage.

The handwriting is his own!

Dr. Armitage has no recollection of having written them, nor of the people or events laid out on their grime-stained pages. Speculation rages as to the provenance of the files. Is this an elaborate prank, or a hoax played by one of the Inquiry’s growing list of occult enemies? Or do the weird warnings in these impossible documents portend real doom, if not investigated.


Document One, dated July 11, 1937
Document Two, dated June 29, 1935
Document Three, undated. Context suggests a few months after Document Two.

The Armitage Files

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