Felix Falwright

Police Detective


Academic Abilities:

Cthulhu Mythos (1)
Geology (1)
*Law (2)
Library Use (1)

Interpersonal Abilitities:

*Assess Honesty (2)
Bureaucracy (1)
*Cop Talk (2)
Credit Rating (3)
Flattery (1)
*Interrogation (4)
Intimidation (1)
Reassurance (1)
Streetwise (2)

Technical Abilities

Chemistry (1)
*Evidence Collection (4)
Forensics (1)
Locksmith (1)
Outdoorsman (1)
Photography (1)

General Abilities

*Athletics (12)
*Driving (8)
*Firearms (14)
First Aid (2)
Health (11)
Sanity (7)
Stability (7)
Scuffling (10)
*Sense Trouble (10)
Shadowing (7)
Weapons (6)

Pillars of Sanity

Law & Order
Love of New York City

Sources of Stability

Ralph Andrews – chief of police
Carol Falwright – sister


You’re a New York police detective, somewhat shaken after having solved a grisly and emotionally destabilizing case. The killer of a half dozen college students turned out to be one of their own, an art student who dismembered them and left them in various drainage ditches throughout the city. You still can’t forget the animalistic look on his face as he confessed to the crimes. The boy was completely insane, claiming that the corpses were tribute to a race of subterranean cannibals. If he didn’t keep them fed, evil gods would come to get him in his dreams.

You’ve seen some pretty terrible sights in your fifteen years on the force, and you’re no wilting violet, goodness knows, but somehow you’ve had trouble shaking this case. The fragility of the human mind, the depths of depravity to which people are capable of sinking… frankly, you’re not sure you can continue any more.

One thing which helped was your friendship with a fellow detective in the department, Tom Talby. Although you were not partnered with him, you saw him around the station every day, and were friends outside of work, often sharing a drink at the end of a shift. Frankly, Tom drank a bit too much for his own good.

Talby was an imperturbable rock of the New York police force. His portly frame and bushy mustache made him instantly recognizable on the streets. He was a keen judge of character and had a good eye for detail, though he had little knowledge of modern forensics methods. Tom was married to Phillipa, and the two had no children — a problem which, Tom confided in you over drinks one evening, caused some strife between the two in the past. In another drunken conversation, Tom mentioned a tradition about an old family curse, and how his father was always beset by bad luck.

Tom was killed by an unknown creature, and the investigation into his death brought you to the attention of Professor Armitage at Miskatonic University in Arkham.

Often scratches head while trying to decide what to do.

Felix Falwright

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